Antebellum Restaurant

Contemporary Southern

We hope our guests find true southern hospitality in our restaurant and happiness in our food. 

Antebellum Reviews

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I’ll be the first to admit that Flowery Branch is a bit of a haul. But I have no reservations about sending you on that drive. This chef has skill and a desire to grow, which has catapulted him to the top of his game. There’s no question that Antebellum will only improve with age.
— Atlanta Journal Constitution

The St. Clairs are young, energetic and focused on providing a great experience for all guests. Antebellum is among the most consistently top-ranked restaurant by diners on Open Table. Both the town of Flowery Branch and the venue itself offer a bona fide Southern experience that is well worth the excursion.
— Points North Magazine

Chef Nicholas St. Clair puts care and thought into each of the dishes served at this restaurant set in a converted Flowery Branch bungalow. He’s a young chef to drive for — and one to watch.
— John Kessler, AJC

Does a stack of fried green tomatoes between toasted brioche smeared with bacon jam, topped with a fried egg and dotted with hot sauce sound like a bit much for an appetizer? It is, and could I get another order, please?
— Krista Reese, Georgia Trend

It’s well worth the haul outside the city. This evening was no different— in fact, it was a new and tasty to reason to charge up your GPS.
— Colleen Ann McNally, Points North Magazine

What could be more Southern than naming a restaurant “Antebellum?” Not much, unless you consider a triple array of deviled eggs as an appetizer or a farm greens salad with pimento cheese and old-fashioned dressing.
— Lakeside News